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Mountain Biking Edge

Same coaching skills, different medium (and setting!)

When I’m not asking professionals and students copious amounts of questions, I’m using a similar approach on a bike.

Tiffany on a mountain bike

Yup, I’m one of those unique (some call it crazy) people who owns far more lycra than one human ever should, and can be found on the road, gravel, or single-track challenging my own limits, and the limits of others. 


If you’re wondering what professional coaching and mountain bike coaching have in common, I’ve got a passion for both and the answer is, a lot:

Goal identification

Confidence building

Skill development

Encouragement & empowerment



Identification of strengths

Areas for improvement

And more!

Quotation marks

Sessioning new stuff with Tiffany is fun. She is supportive, positive and encourages you to try new features or lines while letting you (the student) curate your ride experience.



As a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor I love helping women find their wings wheels — and find joy and confidence in this technical and rewarding sport.


These private mountain bike lessons are for you if:

You’ve dabbled in mountain biking and want to take your skills to the next level.

You’re a first timer and need a professional to show you the ropes (trails).

You need a new outlet and want to feel the wind in your hair. 

You’re looking for a unique challenge that makes you feel alive. 

Quotation Marks

My lessons with Tiffany have given me the confidence I needed to start having fun mountain biking and keep up with my friends. She is awesome, 10/10 would recommend!



Mtb Booking

​Interested in a private lesson?


Book through WOW Yeg (Women on Wheels Yeg) and select "Tiffany Baker" from the list of coaches.


In fact, you can't go wrong with any of the WOW coaches!

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