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Tiffany Baker



I want you to smash your own ceiling and

Discover Your Edge.

Don't worry about where you are right now...

We’re here to focus on where you want to go. I firmly believe everyone has the inherent potential to blow the doors off of their goals and dreams — regardless of how stuck they’ve felt or for how long.


You likely found me because you’re ready to elevate, expand, climb higher in your professional journey, but you’re not sure exactly where to start. I get it — I was there once too and I know how to get things turned around.


Let’s figure out how to use              Edge to get more out of your career, and life!

Tiffany Baker

When I found               Edge, my world opened up.

Part of what thriving looks like for me is leaning into my own unique kindly kick-ass coaching style. But how did I get here? It started one day when I stopped and realized I do a fantastic job asking deep questions — the kind that elicit the response “wow, that’s a really good question!”


Then, a good friend told me I have a uniquely kind way of gently kicking people in the a$$ when they need it.


The pieces started to come together when I realized the 10-year old me who gave other girls gymnastic drills to do at recess  — and who I thought (and was told) was being bossy — really just enjoyed teaching and mentoring others. 


So, I embraced my quirks, accepted recognition and feedback from those I respect, and allowed myself to dream more.


Imposter syndrome fought me hard but I fought harder and eventually a Kindly Kick-Ass Coach was born.

Why work with me to discover               Edge?


In 2021 I mic-dropped my HR career in favor of making more impactful ripples as a professional coach. Sure I’ve got lots of certifications and accolades that make me look great on paper, but my real intuitive strength is how I relate to people and get people to relate to themselves.


I have a knack for carving out the space you need to turn on your own inner light bulb — an instinctive talent for posing the right questions to light your inner fire of self-discovery and expansion.


And I do it with a 'kindly-kickass' flair that keeps you honest and motivated. 

As far as my technical specs, I'm a/an:


Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certified Leadership Coach (CLC)

One of Edmonton's Top 15 Coaches 2 years running!

EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 Certified Facilitator

Chartered Professional In HR (CPHR) with 15 years experience in private, public, NFP, and academia

PMBI Level I Certified Mountain Bike Coach

Leader in women's cycling

If you're wondering what those last two have to do with professional coaching, go ahead and try creating a successful women's cycling group in a male-dominated sport... I'll wait! 

Associate Certified Coach badge
Top 15 Coaches in Edmonton badge
Certification badges
CPHR Alberta Badge

Are you ready for this?

I hope by now you can hear the sound of glass shattering overhead and tinkling to the floor around you.


I hope you're excited to invest in your future, blow-by what you thought was possible, and find your unique Edge.


I'll help you challenge what you thought were your limits and open your mind (and career) to renewed purpose and fulfillment.

Tiffany Baker

The life you want is waiting.

You in?
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Tiffany's expertise is unmatched for those navigating career changes and job searches.



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