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Career Edge

Making big career changes in today's job market can feel like a crap-shoot (but it doesn't have to).


The unpredictability of hiring can make tackling big pivots and great leaps look daunting, disheartening and so overwhelming that it feels almost impossible...


Like climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen — technically achievable but not likely to succeed.

I've climbed that (metaphorical) 'Everest' many times. I know the route, the checkpoints and what snacks to bring. Yes, it's a climb  one that takes purpose, intentionality, skill, time, and think-outside-the-box tactics — but it's worth it.

Massive career changes are possible.


You don't need to be stuck somewhere you're not happy, and you don't need to put your professional ambitions on the backburner "until the market changes". Commit to the work now and we'll climb the mountain together.

Quotation Marks

Tiffany was instrumental in preparing me for a potential new path and I was brimming with confidence. Fast forward and her career coaching prowess struck again by opening my eyes and mind to what matters most, helping me gain an understanding of my new direction and setting me on a course.



Carer Pivot

Career Pivot Edge

Career changes take time and strategy — they're not a sprint.

Effectively differentiating and communicating your distinctive strengths and value is vitally important when pivoting or expanding in a leadership role. That's why the support you'll find in Your Career Pivot Edge extends far beyond just a fancy resumé and cover letter. 

We start by identifying your professional North Star to keep you focused and motivated. Then, with newfound crystal-clarity on what sets you apart AND how to sell-yourself (I can almost hear you shudder at the thought of having to sell yourself... but we'll get there) we develop a pace and keep you on course all the way to the finish line.


Clarity on your unique strengths and how to leverage them — because you can't sell what you don't know you have

CliftonsStrengths® 2.0 Full Assessment

Confidence and the ability to articulate how your values, strengths, motivations, and goals all work together to create Your Career Edge

1hr Coaching Session to get to the bottom of your personalized Strengths Report

A distinct vision and clear plan to get you on the path to your new dream career

1hr Coaching Session dedicated to clarity and pivot planning

1 new Resumé targeted to a specific role

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly and strategically crafted to highlight all the right Edges

1 new Cover Letter targeted to the same role

Yes, we still write cover letters...




Interview Edge

Stop dreading interviews and learn to love the "tell me about yourself" question!

Your Interview Edge provides expert interview coaching and feedback, resources, and tailored practice questions to support your bid for your next big career change — so you can tackle high-stakes interviews with confidence.


All the tips and tricks, dos and don'ts, common questions and behavioral response training

1hr interview prep session

Get comfortable being uncomfortable — and soon it won't be! 

1hr in-depth Mock Interview with thorough feedback to help you improve rapidly

Handy STAR (Situation + Task + Action + Result) worksheet 

10 behavioral interview questions custom-tailored to your targeted role so you can rehearse and nail that interview!



Quotation marks

Through our work together, my resumé, interview skills and SELF-CONFIDENCE received a much needed boost. I was able to confidently apply for jobs that were WORTH my expertise and I owe that all to Tiffany.



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