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Professional Edge

Professonal Edge

If you're a leader, professional or entrepreneur who's ready to level-up and shine in business; if you're ready to do the work, but frustrated with not knowing where to start, your journey begins here.

Lay the foundation for your professional future to expand and grow

Hone your unique strengths and take your people-leadership to the next level 

Go from feeling stuck and uncertain to feeling the wind in your hair

Finally gain momentum in the direction you want your career — and your confidence — to go

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Tiffany has been by my side every step of the way as I took the plunge into entrepreneurship. She picks up on things I don't hear myself saying and helps me reframe... profoundly impacting my growth.



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Career Edge

Career Edge

Arrows pointing in different directions

Career pivots, promotions, breaking into senior leadership roles — they're all formidable tasks. Navigating them can make your dream of a big career feel overwhelming, daunting, frustrating... take your pick. But it doesn't have to be that way.


You can find your Career Edge. 

Position yourself for the career pivot you've been dreaming about

Nail the interview for the big promotion

Gain clarity and confidence while committing to the work

Start making moves you never thought possible

Quotation Marks

Tiffany's expert guidance transformed my resumé and propelled me into a new position where I've since doubled my earnings and secured a managerial role. I've confidently referred others to her invaluable services.




Mindfulness Edge

What if the answers to your most pressing questions and greatest challenges were right beneath your feet, hiding in plain sight? It may sound too good to be true, but sometimes all you need is a point of focus and movement to unlock the answers that are already inside you. Introducing Street Wisdom Walkshops.

A powerful method of getting back in tune with your inner wisdom and knowing

Unique blend of mindfulness, walking, and urban psychology

Seek and find clarity amidst the city's hustle and bustle

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Street Wisdom provides an excellent method for self-discovery, but it's also a wonderful form of self-care. I found the experience to be quite delightful and profound, helping me with creative problem-solving while nurturing my mental wellbeing.



Refocus You Sign
Montain Bike

Mountain Biking Edge

Tiffany on a mountain bike in the mountains

Mountain bikes may seem out of place on a platform aimed at coaching business professionals, but after coaching both for quite some time, they're not much different. Same skill set, different medium, same potential for confidence, growth and momentum!

As a PMBI certified mountain bike coach, I help beginner to intermediate riders:

Unlock your Mountain Biking Edge

Grow skills, increase confidence and enjoy the ride

Learn a new sport, sharpen existing abilities or finally fulfill your dream of becoming more adventurous and "outdoorsy"

Quotation Marks

My lessons with Tiffany have given me the confidence I needed to start having fun mountain biking and keep up with my friends. She's awesome, I 10/10 recommend!


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